Sela SL-4137MHC Advanced Speakerphone with headset

Sela SL-4137MHC Advanced Speakerphone with headset-High quality speakerphone with large LCD Display and headset

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This product has been discontinued.


Sela SL-4137MHC Advanced Speakerphone with headset:

A Sela SL-4137MHC is a quality desktop display telephone designed to work with a headset.

Features of the Sela SL-4137MHC:

* High quality speakerphone
* Headset
* Battery free phone
* LCD displays phone numbers, date and time
* 76 Caller ID memories
* 20 VIP memories
* Directory for 80 names and numbers
* Auto redial function
* LCD contrast adjustable
* Transfer function
* Hold with mute, music and extension release
* 16 melodies selectable
* Flash time adjustable to 100ms, 200ms, 300ms, 400ms, 600ms, 900ms
* Redial key
* Volume 4 levels adjustable for handset receiver, 8 levels Adjustable for
speakerphone and ringer
* Complies with all well-known PBX brands: Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson,NEC, Nortel, Philips, Siemens and Samsung