Posiflex CR-4115 Cash Drawer (CR4115)


Posiflex CR4115 Cash drawer-Money Drawer CR 4115 (USB Interface)

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The Posiflex CR-4115 CR4115) cash drawer is POSIFLEXes newest cash drawer. This POS cash drawer comes with 9 coin and 5 bill fixed compartments. There is a coin roll storage compartment under the cash tray. It has a screwless tamper resistant design and a special feature cushions drawer slams and protects the system. The chassis and drawer have durable metal construction with high reliability and durability.

This drawer is key lockable.

>Bill Compartment 5 Fixed

>Coin Compartment 9 Fixed

>Coin Roll Compartment Rear Cash Tray

>Media Slot Yes

428mm(W) x 460mm(D) x 100mm(H)

>Weight 7.0 kg (15.41 lbs)

>USB Interface