ATA Adaptor Analog to IP Converter


ATA Adaptor-Analog to IP Converter,if you moved over to voIP then use the ATA adaptor for your old analog devices.Analog to IP adaptor converter.

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ATA Adaptor Analog to IP Converter:

The ATA adaptor is an analog to IP phone converter is ideal if you’ve moved over to voIP? Does your analog device no longer work? No problem, use an analog to IP adaptor.

An analog telephone adaptor (ATA adaptor) is a device used to connect a standard telephone to a computer or network so that the user can make calls over the Internet voIP.

HT701 is a next generation, powerful IP ATA (analog telephone adapter) for residential and office use. Its ultra compact, gives superb voice quality, rich functionalities, strong security protection, excellent manageability and auto provisioning, as well as unrivaled affordability enable service providers to offer high quality IP service at extremely competitive price.

Download datasheet and brochure of HT701 ATA adaptor